Charleston Data Recovery

At CompuZone we understand that each data recovery case is different.  That is why our technicians have been trained to develop solutions specifically suited to your needs.  So whether you are an enterprise level business, work at home entrepreneur, small mom and pop business or just a student needing to recover data from your crashed laptop - we have a recovery plan and the tools to get you the results you need at an affordable rate.

Hard Drive Recovery

Hard drive failures can be frustrating, time-consuming, and can leave you without access to vital and priceless information.  That's where CompuZone comes in.  Using a combination of proprietary recovery techniques and excellent customer service, our specialists can salvage your lost data and get you back on track.  Our specialists work around the clock to help salvaged data from drives in the most critical conditions.  We fully support all major manufactured hard drives.


Raid Data Recovery

You rely on RAID arrays to protect your data but what happens when your RAID configuration shows signs of failure? You need specialists who can help you recover data and fast. No matter what type of RAID configuration you are using, or how many drives you have in your array we can help restore your lost data.  Don't take chances when mission-critical information is at risk - give us a call.  Our specialist offer expedited and priority turnaround for customers who need their data back as soon as possible.

Cell Phone Data Recover

In today's society we rely heavily on our cell phones for day to day use.  We keep work information on them as well as priceless images of our family and friends.  CompuZone has trained specialist who can help in data recovery from any type of failed cell phone situation.  In addition to the capability to work with any of the most popular phones our specialist have been able to recover data from all sorts of data loss circumstances such as: deleted photos, lost videos, software updates that wipe data, hardware failures within a phone, corrupt operating systems and more. We have a very high success rate in recovering data from both IOS and Android operating systems.

Server Data Recovery

We know that one of the most important things when you've experienced a catastrophic server failure is getting your data back as soon as possible.  That's why we offer comprehensive data recovery services with expedited turnaround times. Whether you have a NAS, SAN, DAS system or RAID array, we're available to provide you with solutions you need.  If you've experienced data corruption due to physical damage, malware or other issues our specialists are here to help.

Laptop Data Recovery

We understand unexpected accidents happen and when those accidents happen to your laptop your first concern is usually recovering your data.  In today's world we rely heavily on laptops to store everyday documents for business, school and home use.  Let our specialists save your vital information.  Our support staff will make sure you know what's going on every step of the way as we work to recovery your data as quickly as possible. Don't risk permanent data loss, contact us today for a free evaluation based consultation.

Emergency Data Recovery

When mission-critical hardware fails, time is of the essence. We are here to assist with onsite, fast data recovery services to help you in an emergency. Instead of delivering your data to us, our specialists will come to you. We work quickly to create a custom solution for the effective recovery of your key data. Get the results you need and recovery your information - ASAP.

Remote Data Recovery

When time is of the essence and you need an immediate response to data outage, failure or corruption from a fully functioning system – consider remote data recovery. Our experienced remote recovery specialists will connect to your failed system to recover the critical data files and return them to a usable state.

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